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highlighted words

highlighted words

Product Details

3D commercials can be connected to multiple screens Vision, across multiple screens, more suitable for storefront advertising and decoration. After the installation of this joint screen advertising machine and the placement of the specific content of the display, the overall indoor environment is integrated. Whether it's advertising or as a decorative embellishment, it's even more important that new products bring traffic and customers.

The actual operation is relatively simple, and the installation is convenient and quick. First, each device is placed in a specific location to connect to the device on the computer, and then the device and the computer are connected to the router to enter the screen to upload the specific content. In the market today, the traditional door-to-door advertising has been fatigued, and the market is in urgent need of a new product.

Print advertising design has long been labeled as lagging and outdated, and commercials with three-dimensional, cool, lively and vivid images will be the mainstream. 3D advertising machine screen can be used in different occasions and different scenes, it can be patched together and installed to form a different viewing screen. Let the layout and users use their imagination and creativity, leaving the space for personal creation unlimited.

The highlight is not too bright. The root cause? A batch of letters together, after the installation, the other three bright ones are not too bright. What is the reason?

1, light absorption: The effect of the internal LEDs and electrical devices on the light, mainly depends on whether the internal arrangement reaches the density value.

2. The number, type, light output, color, wavelength of the LED, and the specific location of the LED in the light box.

3, the transparency of the acrylic panel, mentioned above, the factors are small. ;

4, font size, larger door advertising, the thickness naturally increases, which affects the luminosity.

5. Maintenance: The intensity of light output is attenuated with the increase in years of use and the accumulation of dust inside the font.

6. Cost: Cost constraint is also the most important factor, such as poor lead quality, acrylic panel thickness and so on.

7. Hue: Among all the tones, white is the brightest and red is the weakest.

The above seven points are the root cause of the lack of brightness of the door advertisement. At the same time, please note that for non-white acrylic letters, do not blindly pursue too bright, such as red acrylic panels, if highlighted in white Led, it will change the color of the door advertisement, so that the red is lightened. The correct way is: use red led, the number is appropriate.