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3D advertising machine

3D advertising machine

Product Details

3D advertising machine, also known as holographic advertising machine, generally turns transparent The actual results displayed in the material are outstanding and many people are dizzying. In view of the use of POV's scientific and technological achievements, this product allows people to appreciate the theme of the display is floating in the air and frameless.

After the theme content has been made through simple and clear, uploading to the machine and displaying it has a very obvious 3D actual effect. In the children's amusement park management center, brand flagship store, square management center, shopping mall management center, it is undoubtedly a good choice for the transfer of this product.

The product is easy to operate, easy to turn, stable and delicate, with high brightness and high definition. This 3D advertising machine or 3D lightbox display brightness is mainly used for outdoor use, and the theme content can still be clearly seen in the summer at noon in high intensity sunlight. In fact, the brightness alone can be crowned with no one can match. The task of the 3D advertising light box is to replace the traditional light box. We call the 3D advertising light box an upgraded version or version 2.0 of the advertising light box.

What is a holographic advertising machine?

The holographic advertising machine is a combination of cooling fan rotation + LED light bar display, using the human eye retention principle, resulting in graphics, animation and video Aerial illusion.

When the image is displayed, the LED lights are illuminated, and the surrounding outer casing is dark and does not emit light. Thus, when the holographic advertising machine is shipped, the human eye will only receive the light stay, and the dark color is dull. It will be too fast to be distinguished by the brain, so that the actual effect will only stay on the light displayed by the LED light, thus realizing the actual effect of aerial imaging, thus presenting a 3D floating image.

The working principle of the holographic advertising machine is mainly to use the retention factor of the human eye (POV technology), according to the arrangement of several rows of LEDs and then rotate the image. In more detail, the sense of space caused by light on the retina will remain for a while after the end of light.

Mainly used in traditional advertising machine applications such as large supermarkets, franchise stores, nightclubs, cinemas, electric escalators, etc., can help merchants to attract customers, transfer and distribute advertising themes. Purpose. In addition, it is mainly used for valuables such as brand-name watches, blue-and-white porcelain, auto accessories, diamonds, jewellery, and industrial products, which are mainly key points or rich in internal structure. It can also mainly express characters, cartoons, etc., and give the audience a more three-dimensional, simple and refreshing, three-dimensional and unique appeal.