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holographic advertising machine

holographic advertising machine

Product Details

holographic advertising machine FA60N main parameters explanation and application field 

1.LED lamp beads: 672 2. New product Dimensions: display diameter of about 56 cm Machine equipment Dimensions: 56 * 56 * 10CM3. Input working voltage: 5V15A 

4. Maximum power: seventy-five W5. System adaptation: Windows, Android, Apple system original machine capacity: 806g stand-alone version of the box 49*49*14CM weight 2.3KG two boxes 50*30*50CM Weight 5.4KG four boxes 50*57*50CM weight 10.5KG 

6. Screen resolution: high resolution close to 1080×1080

7. Machine equipment preparation: installation parts, power transformers 

8. Machine equipment life: >30000 hours

9. Display dimensions: basic theory is no shape Size is limited, multiple machines and equipment are combined into a screen broadcast, and there are more than 112 screens in actual operation.

10. Video transmission mode: jpggifmp4avirmvbmpeg 

New product features: The specific content of the holographic projection, using the patented feature flash original, high brightness. The specific content can be applied to DiY, professional calculation method, a health transformation 3D mode wifl connection, app software or pc end control, convenient.  

A, the specific content of the holographic projection, extremely novel and consistent, very absorbing, advertising marketing effect is better. B, no money is the phenomenon, the actual effect is vibrating! The use of patented refined flash originals, high brightness, to ensure quality outdoor visibility. C, the technical and novelty of the machine equipment, the production cost is not superior to the traditional Led machine equipment D, the display basic principle is unique, the function loss is low, energy saving and emission reduction 

This new product is widely used in station supermarkets The airport pavilion stores celebrate the densely populated areas such as commercial activities and serve as a warning for the display of warnings.  

The 3D advertising machine is a new upgraded display new product. It is a zoom display using Led light board. The basic principle of the user's eyes is retained, resulting in high-altitude illusion of graphics, 3D animation and video. Media display system. Because the new product has no frame and background image, the consumer feels that the graphic is three-dimensionally suspended, so it is also called holographic display and cooling fan screen. So how do you choose the right 3D advertising machine?  

First, look at the quality of the product. The main concern for everyone to buy everything is to say the quality of the product. The product quality of 3D advertising machine must be identified from the material first. Secondly, from the actual effect, the high image quality is clear, and the actual effect realism can be the new product that customers need most.  

Second, look at the brand Brand is to say the reputation of a manufacturer, if the popularity of such 3D advertising machine manufacturers is good, there are ten brands in the industry, so this kind of 3D advertising machine manufacturers Mainly not very bad.  

Third, look at the service project The service of the manufacturer is directly related to the customer's demand for output and follow-up cooperation. The customer hopes that the quality of the product is good, the price is reasonable, and the after-sales service is in place. Therefore, the fan screen is selected. When the manufacturer is concerned, it is necessary to consider whether the service mode of the manufacturer is reasonable.