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3D Lightbox

3D Lightbox

Product Details

This enterprise product is "3D light box" "Advertising" is a product that is broadened by our company's corporate product "3D advertising machine". 3D light box advertising high-resolution high-brightness broadcast screen is relatively stable, easy to use, easy to install, low-pitched, easy to replace broadcast content using WiFi components as a key point for transmission and manipulation. The 3D lightbox advertisement is equipped with Android and Apple APP and computer software. The daily operation can be completed by the APP to complete the engineering operation. The performance of the super-master chip is relatively stable and reliable. The ultra-bright red-green-blue LED light processing chip has extremely high uniformity and extremely low dead light probability.

With the development trend of 3D technology application, 3D has gradually penetrated into our clothing, food and shelter. In this article, let everyone share the manufacturing steps of 3D lightbox advertising. 1. Go to the Create Command panel, select the “Geometry” switch, select “Standard Model” in the drop-down list box, click the “Circular Tube” switch, and create the new tube shown in Figure 1 in the “Front” view. The main parameters are as follows. As shown in Figure 1. Modifying the "edge" value of the tube to "4" becomes a square box. 2. Pick the tube and click the Pick/Rotate switch in the toolbar to rotate it in the Front view. If you want to learn more about the steps of 3D lightbox production, you can click on the new media led billboard to view. 3. Click the “Material Customization” switch in the toolbar, select a sample sample ball, expand the “Map” rollout, click the “None” switch after “Reflection”, open the “Material Map Browser” panel, select New Click the radio button and then double-click Bitmap in the list page on the right. 4. Click on the “Aluminous Material” switch in “Material Customization” to assign the currently edited material to the tube. 5. Select the Plane switch in the Geometry panel, drag the mouse in the Front view to create it, and adjust it to the appropriate position. 6. Click the "Material Customization" switch in the toolbox to open the material customization, select the second sample sample ball, click the small square in the "Self-lighting" column in the "Basic Parameters", and select the "New" list. Check the box and then double-click the Bitmap texture in the list page on the right. 7. Expand the “Map” rollout, drag the switch after “Self-lighting” to the switch after “Reflection”, and select the “Association” radio button in the pop-up dialog box. 8. Assign the edited material to the plane. 9. Click the "Rotate View" switch in the view control area in the lower right corner. 10. Use the “Plane” tool to create a background and ground and specify the material. Click the “Quick Render” switch in the tool bar to render the effect.

11. Enter the Create Command panel, click the “Light” button to enter its property panel, select “Standard” from the drop-down list, select the “Floodlight” button, and create a floodlight in the image. light.

12. Select “Photometric Lights” from the drop-down list in the “Lights” panel, then click the “Free Point Lights” button to create a new point source. For better results, it's best to set the color of the theme light to darker.

13. For better results, copy the lightbox and add other self-illumination maps.

The above is the product details and related issues related to 3D light boxes. In addition, we also have fan light boxes and new light boxes related products. If you are interested in our products or have any questions, welcome Call, we will reply within 24 hours. Shenzhen Damai Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on technology companies that display product R&D, manufacturing and sales. Our products are sold at home and abroad with perfect sales system, stable and reliable quality, easy to carry and install, and completely independent design and R&D trademark patents are clear and clear. Compared with market products, our FTL brand products display brighter brightness and higher resolution. The company's products are mainly used for house, door advertising, company logo and can replace the traditional light box advertising purposes, the emergence of 3D light box advertising has poured new vitality into the original cold light box advertising sales market. Once the 3D lightbox advertisement is sent to the sales market, it attracts a lot of attention. No matter how many exhibitions, it is the protagonist, commonly known as "eye-catching artifacts, drainage artifacts."